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Photographer Data Recovery Partner

DriveSavers was the first company to successfully recover digital camera data and the first company chosen for referral by Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. Today, all other major digital camera companies refer their customers to us.

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Manufacturer Recommended

Your data and your digital camera images are safe with us: DriveSavers is recommended by all digital camera manufacturers to perform data recovery on their digital media products.

We Can Save It!®

Each data loss situation is unique. DriveSavers has developed proprietary hardware and software that will recover lost data resulting from all types of common or catastrophic circumstances including:


  • Dead Battery squaredot Broken Media squaredot Dropped squaredot Crushed squaredot Water Damage


  • Deletions squaredot Reformatting squaredot Infection squaredot Corruption squaredot Lost Password


  • Fire squaredot Flood squaredot Hurricane squaredot Tornado squaredot Earthquake squaredot Power Spike

Fast, Reliable, Secure Data Recovery Service

DriveSavers offers every photographer, professional or amateur, an extensive list of benefits including:

  • Fastest Standard Turnaround Time in the industry at 24 to 48 hours
  • Immediate phone access to experienced Data Recovery Advisors 7 days per week
  • Service options to meet every need
  • Expert recoveries on SD Cards, CompactFlash cards, Microdrives, TransFlash and xD memory cards, Sony Memory Sticks, SmartMedia and more.
  • Initial estimate remains firm and will never exceed the maximum amount quoted: no upfront costs, no hidden Cleanroom or parts fees—ever
  • Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom provides particle-free and static-free environment to safely perform complex microsurgery on tiny, sensitive components

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DriveSavers has partnered with all major associations affiliated with professional photographers. This partnership caters to the exacting standards of professional photographers, graphic artists and film studios. For expanded customer services and smart savings, click here to see if you are already eligible to receive benefits through your affiliate membership.

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