Digital Forensics

Computer and Mobile Phone Forensic Investigations

DriveSavers has worked extensively with law enforcement agencies, lawyers, corporate legal, IT departments, HR departments and individuals to provide legally defensible investigations and reports. We understand the legal issues surrounding the collection, analysis and protection of electronic data for litigation and internal investigations.

Custom Security Protocols to Protect Data Integrity

DriveSavers will customize a program to meet the security level you require.

  • We offer the highest possible security
  • Recovered data is imaged using court-validated industry standards for documenting evidence
  • Chain-of-custody protocols can be provided for full data protection from receipt to return

Forensic Recovery and Imaging

DriveSavers proprietary recovery techniques allow engineers to create custom solutions for all common and catastrophic data loss situations.

DriveSavers specializes in resurrecting physically failed drives in order to be able to provide forensically sound images for further investigation.

  • Instant and secure data download minutes after recovery is complete with our DataExpress FTP service
  • Direct phone access to engineers working on your data recovery

Certified Secure eDiscovery

DriveSavers is the only forensic analysis service provider in the industry that posts proof of company-wide, annual SOC 2 Type II audits. The privacy of your data will be protected during the recovery process.

  • SOC 2 Type II Audits
    We are qualified to support customers who must comply with data privacy and data security regulations such as:

    • HIPAA
    • DriveSavers is fully HIPAA compliantFERPA
    • SOX
    • GLBA
    • NIST 800.34
  • Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom
    Meets manufacturer’s standards for warranty protection
  • Engineers Certified by PGP, PointSec, GuardianEdge, Utimaco
    Supports DAR mandate for encrypted files and drives
  • High Security Service
    Meets U.S. Government Security Standards
  • Secure & Permanent Data Erasure on Request
    Meets HIPAA and GLB Act privacy requirements
  • GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0121S