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How Waterproof is Your Phone?

By Will DeLisi, NAND Flash Recovery Specialist Updated June 15, 2018 In short, it’s not. The market has become flooded (pun intended) with water-resistant phones, but it is important to remember that water-resistant is NOT the same as waterproof. Don’t get me wrong—water resistance is AWESOME, especially when it comes to that handheld computer in … Continue reading How Waterproof is Your Phone?

Linus Tech Tips: REAL Tech Repair – Linus Swaps Hard Drive Actuator!

Linus: Okay. So you guys aren’t gonna believe this. We’re here at DriveSavers. These guys—they recover data off of drives, phones. The cleanroom’s over here. Basically, if it’s got data on it, these guys recover it. And they turn to me—they’re like, “look, we know you’re not here for very long but—I mean, we don’t normally do this … Continue reading Linus Tech Tips: REAL Tech Repair – Linus Swaps Hard Drive Actuator!

One of the Lucky Ones

Mike Cobb tells his personal story of the Sonoma/Napa wildfires. Mike Cobb, DriveSavers Director of Engineering, uses personal tragedy to help explain why we should all be protecting our business and personal information from potential loss, and how to do just that. Listen to Mike’s Story in His Own Words Listen to Mike’s story in … Continue reading One of the Lucky Ones

Video: Why Choose DriveSavers

Why is DriveSavers the best choice for data recovery? If you are calling DriveSavers, it’s because you’re in trouble. You are facing a very traumatic situation in which a data storage device has failed or is damaged and your data is most likely not backed up. DriveSavers has been helping customers in your situation for more than thirty years. … Continue reading Video: Why Choose DriveSavers

Beware No Fee Guarantee

Many data recovery companies promise a “no data, no charge” guarantee. DriveSavers is one of them. But what, precisely, does that statement mean? And does it mean the same thing for all data recovery companies? You better toss aside any preconceived notions when it comes to interpreting the fine print. Read on to find out … Continue reading Beware No Fee Guarantee