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Best Local Data Recovery in San Francisco, CA

DriveSavers is the best data recovery service in San Francisco, the Bay Area and beyond. Our customers, the media, leading storage device and computer manufacturers all agree that DriveSavers provides the best customer service, has the highest success rate, the fastest turnaround time and most secure data recovery process.

DriveSavers helped pioneer the data recovery industry right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We began in 1985 and have grown as the industry leader by providing award-winning, Diamond Certified customer service; assembling a team of highly experienced, certified engineers and creating the most secure environment to protect customer data.

32 Years of Data Recovery Success

For over 30 years, we’ve served customers in San Francisco and around the world and have performed data recovery on every kind of storage device including hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state drives (SSDs), smartphones, tablets, USB flash drives, camera cards and enterprise-level devices like RAIDs.

We handle every kind of data loss situation including mechanical failure, physical, water and fire damage, data corruption, file deletions, head crashes and more. Our engineers consistently achieve the highest rate of success and their experience is second to none, having performed over 500,000 data recoveries.

Fast, Reliable, Secure Data Recovery Service

We are the fastest, most reliable and only certified secure data recovery service serving San Francisco and the world. We offer 24/7 service and the highest data recovery rate in the industry. Our data recovery team is ready to meet any data recovery challenge that San Franciscans can throw at us.

San Francisco Trolley ran over your iPhone
Did San Francisco trolley drive over your iPhone? DriveSavers Data Recovery in San Francisco is local to help you get your iPhone data recovered.
  • The fastest Standard Service turnaround time in the industry at 24 to 48 hours
  • Highest data recovery success rate since 1985
  • We recover data from all computer operating systems and all media, including hard drives, solid state drives, backup tapes and encrypted high-capacity RAID, NAS and SAN systems
  • Our highly-experienced data recovery advisors are available 7 days per week
  • Third-party auditors review our SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II compliance
  • Annual review of data security protocols for re-certification
  • Advanced self-defending network ensures protection of customer data
  • Largest, most technologically advanced Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom
  • Engineers are certified to safely recover encrypted files and drives to avoid costly computer repair
  • Our upfront written estimates remain firm so the cost of your data recovery will never exceed the maximum amount quoted
  • DriveSavers is authorized and recommended by all leading storage device manufacturers
  • Safe and proper recycling of old storage devices: DOD-approved degausser destroys data permanently

DriveSavers in the News

When you’re the leading data recovery company in the United States and across the planet, word gets around. We serve large and small companies alike with our data recovery services. Stories of our miraculous data recoveries have been featured by major media outlets such as CNN, KPIX CBS San Francisco, The Discovery Channel and print publications such as The San Francisco Chronicle, Wired, Time, PCWorld and many others.

Read more news stories about DriveSavers data recoveries.

All Leading Storage Device Manufacturers Recommend DriveSavers

DriveSavers is authorized by all computer manufacturers to perform data recovery without voiding your original warranty.

Call DriveSavers for a FREE Estimate

Professional data recovery advisors are standing by to take your call. Estimates can be provided instantly and include all parts, cleanroom and service fees. No upfront fees. No hidden costs—ever! The cost of your data recovery will never exceed the maximum amount quoted. Call us at 415.854.5674 or toll-free at 800.440.1904.

Are You Visiting San Francisco and Require Data Recovery?

Did you drop your smartphone riding one of San Francisco’s famous cable cars? Did your laptop take a dip at the city’s Aquatic Park? Don’t worry, whatever your situation, DriveSavers Data Recovery can get back your photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and more.

If you are a visitor to the San Francisco area and have suffered a data loss while in SF, we can help. Call us and drop off your device at our office. Our data recovery service will send your device to our techs and ship it back to you either in San Francisco or back to you wherever you live no matter what state, country or continent. Call us, we are here to help.

Drop Off Your Device for Data Recovery in San Francisco

At DriveSavers, we recover data from all data storage devices. Below is a list of the most common types of data recovery we provide to customers in San Francisco. If your device is not on the list, be sure to call us, as often we can service any device that contains data. We recover data from these devices:

Mobile phones

Windows computers

  • Windows floppy disks
  • Windows 3.1 computers
  • Windows 95 or Windows 98 computers
  • Windows XP, Me and Vista computers
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers
  • Windows 10 laptops
  • All Windows laptops and tablets

Mac computers

  • Mac floppy disks
  • Mac OS X computers and laptops
  • Older Mac computers and laptops
  • iMacs
  • Pre-iMac computers

Corporate data recovery

  • Linux servers
  • Microsoft Exchange servers
  • RAID devices (All levels of RAID)
  • NAS devices
  • Linux desktops and laptops
  • Corporate desktops and laptops of any type, regardless of vintage

We Can Save it With Our SF Data Recovery Service!

DriveSavers understands the need for fast resolution when critical data is lost. One call connects you with a powerful team of data recovery professionals who can resolve your data loss issues. DriveSavers engineers consistently recover data that other service providers have deemed lost forever.

Each data loss situation is unique in each city we serve. DriveSavers has developed proprietary hardware and software that allows us to deliver custom data recovery solutions for all common and catastrophic data loss situations.

Physical Damage

  • Head crash squaredot Media damage squaredot Reformatting squaredot Controller error squaredot Actuator failure squaredot Damaged motor squaredot Bad sectors

Logical Problems

  • Virus infection squaredot File and system corruption squaredot Lost passwords squaredot File deletions squaredot Partial overwriting

Natural Disasters

Novato, CA—Headquarters
DriveSavers Headquarters in Novato, CA
DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc.
400 Bel Marin Keys Boulevard
Novato, California, USA 94949-5650
Hours: Open 24/7

Phone: 415.382.2000
Toll-free: 800.440.1904
Skype: drivesaversinc


San Francisco, CA—Drop-off Location
Please call first to receive a Job# prior to dropping off your device.
DriveSavers San Francisco drop-off location
One Embarcadero Center, Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94111
Hours: M–F 8:30am to 5:00pm
Phone: 415.854.5674
Toll-free: 800.440.1904
Skype: drivesaversinc

Seeking Data Recovery in San Francisco?

Bring your device to One Embarcadero Center, Suite 500, San Francisco, California

iPhone smashed from cable car
DriveSavers Data Recovery in San Francisco can save your smashed smartphone.

The One Embarcadero Center is one of the four towers that make up the Embarcadero Center and is among the most well-known locations in the middle of San Francisco’s financial district. It is also close to Chinatown and waterfront attractions, such as the Ferry Building and Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf. Uber, Adobe, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and many more cutting-edge technology companies originated in the San Francisco Bay Area. DriveSavers, too, first came to life in the San Francisco Bay Area over thirty years ago as a joint venture by co-founders Jay Hagan and Scott Gaidano in 1985.

Note: Please call 415.854.5674 to receive your Job# prior to dropping off your device.

What if I live in one of the San Francisco districts and need data recovery?

Do you live in one of the San Francisco districts: North Beach, Chinatown, Union Square, Yerba Buena, Castro, Hayes Valley, Haight-Ashbury, Fillmore, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Mission, Sunset or Bayview, and don’t want to travel to our San Francisco data recovery drop-off office? Call us at 415.854.5674 or toll-free at 800.440.1904 and we will arrange FedEx shipping of your device at your address, no matter where in the San Francisco area you live.
Data recovery Drop-off Locations in U.S. Cities

Data Recovery Drop-off Locations in U.S. Cities

San Francisco data recovery device drop-off
Data Recovery device drop off

As a San Franciscan, you may often be in nearby cities, and not always at home in the City by the Bay. We have made it convenient for anyone who needs data recovery in the United States. Below are the cities where we have convenient data recovery offices. If you don’t need San Francisco data recovery, but need data recovery at another location, click on a link below to find a local drop-off data recovery office near you.

Eastern United States

Central United States

Western United States

Outside the United States

Still have questions about Data Recovery in San Francisco?

No problem! We are here to help. Simply click here to call or get a live person to help. If you have a data recovery issue that needs solving in San Francisco we are here to help. We are your SF data recovery expert.


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DriveSavers was able to recover thousands of photos from my iPhone that I had dropped in a lake. I had originally gone to an Apple store to see if they could fix my phone to get my photos for me and they referred me to DriveSavers. The customer service was great and they kept me up to date on the status of my recovery throughout the entire process. I highly recommend DriveSavers if your data is valuable to you.
Hannah Farazmand
San Francisco-CA

My hard drive crashed and a reputable local repair shop could not recover the data. They recommended DriveSavers. I called DriveSavers and got the process going. I wanted to take it to them myself (about an hour away), but wouldn’t get there until after they were closed. They told me someone is always there and explained the procedure for drop off after hours. When I got there Nicole was just leaving for the day. She delayed her exit to process my drop off herself. Thank you NICOLE! So far the experience has been great. They will call in a few days. They have already given me ranges of what it may cost and they are all very high. From what I’ve been reading, they are very good and very expensive. I will update this review at the end of the process.
Shannon M.
San Francisco-CA

My computer died and my HD was corrupted. I didn’t have a recent back-up (my bad) so my data was gone. So, I sent it to DriveSavers on the advice of the Apple store. The people at DriveSavers were great to work with from the start. When I called, the rep explained the process, and gave me a ballpark $$ so I would understand what I was getting into. They provided a free Express shipping label so I could get my drive there easily. They gave me the option of different turnaround times so I could choose one that was less expensive. Once the initial evaluation was done, they called me to explain what the likelihood of recovery would be and the pricing. At the time I expressed that it was expensive and I was having a tough time spending the $$. The rep was extremely consultative and offered me 2-3 extra solutions so that I could get the recovery done and afford the procedure. By waiting for more time (I was not in a rush) and using a payment plan, I was able to see my way to getting my recovery done. Super professional the whole way. I highly recommend them.
Lauren S.
San Francisco-CA

Professional service, exceptional communication from start to finish … plus follow up call. Not too many places these days that are on call 24/7/365 where you can talk to a live, intelligent person (not a recording or answering machine). They solved my problem quickly and efficiently. Not cheap but I don’t expect McDonalds prices for House of Prime Rib service…
Mark M.
Castro Valley-CA

DriveSavers did an outstanding job of recovering images from my re-formatted CF card (compact flash card media for digital camera). I had a CF card that I had shot important family images on. I accidentally formatted and started shooting on the card, then later realized I hadn’t downloaded the original images prior to formatting. I figured it was a lost cause, but it was worth it to me to try to recover the images for the sake of my family. From the start, DriveSavers was very prompt with initial follow-up and an estimate, honest with discussing options and expectations for the difficult recovery, and the staff members that I spoke to were all very friendly and helpful along the way. I agree with other reviewers in noting that it is not an inexpensive process, but worth it for the professional and reliable service. DriveSavers offered a scale of prices depending on turnaround time, and since I was an APA (American Photographic Artists) member they offered a 15% discount on the service, which is always helpful. Half of my images were recovered from the CF card, which was more than I could have asked for. I would trust DriveSavers in the future and highly recommend them — if your data is worth it to you, your business, your family or otherwise.
Jenny B.
San Francisco-CA

Ditto on Laureen M’s thoughts that DriveSavers should be called Miracle Workers. Shooting in Tanzania I deleted my raw images after uploading them to my EpsonP3000. Somehow I had my druthers (what a strange word) and did not reformat or reuse that particular cf card. Days later after uploading more images from another cf card (to the Epson P3000) I once again deleted the files AND reformatted AND reused the cf card. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 week safari, a dark cloud was always there wondering if I would ever see those “lost images” again…Blah blah….DriveSavers recovered all but 1% of my images and always treated me with kid gloves, kindness, gentility, professionalism, sympathy and empathy and always communicated with me every step of the way. I am profoundly grateful to DriveSavers and strongly recommend them.
Carol N.
San Francisco-CA

My external hard drive of professional photographs somehow became corrupted and I faced the possibility of losing 1TB of unduplicated images spanning ten years! After learning about this place at a Macworld event, took my HD here. Customer service from the receptionist at the door to telephone support was completely professional and responsive to all my needs and budget. (Of course this kind of work never comes cheap anywhere, but if worth saving, worth paying, and you only pay for what is actually saved.) Not only that, they retrieved all my data! Of course I now keep at least two copies on separate, not mirrored, drives. Highly recommended place!
Eric S.
San Francisco-CA

All of our office computers crashed. I believe the MBR was damaged, but the drive was not readable when slaved. I called and described the issue.

I shipped the hard drive overnight to DriveSavers, hoping my precious hard drive with years worth of data on it could be saved.

The next day, DriveSavers ran an evaluation, and told me they found data.

I opted for the “standard” service, and in two days they had extracted the data and sent me back a flash drive with all the data they recovered. Over 95% recovery.

The office manager was very happy, I would highly recommend if you need the data saved!!!!

Brandon W.
San Leandro-CA

I ditto all the appreciative comments ahead of mine, and add that DS, at the very high prices they can charge, is like a different universe of Customer Service. If you gag at what you get at Seagate or Comcast or HP or Lenovo, the almost-theatrically-tender solicitude from DS is worth the ticket.

When HDs become obsolete I wonder where DS will pop-up. Maybe they could train the IT industry in customer care.
Gordon I.
San Leandro-CA

Expensive YES, but worth it to me. I had two drives in the same PC crash . They were able to recovered all my data. My 19th century ancestors found there way back to me and are now back where they belong, and so are all of the documents that I never printed.

Lesson learned I will never back up to a another drive on the same PC.
Terry T.
Hercules, CA

Professional service, exceptional communication from start to finish … plus follow up call. Not too many places these days that are on call 24/7/365 where you can talk to a live, intelligent person (not a recording or answering machine). They solved my problem quickly and efficiently. Not cheap but I don’t expect McDonalds prices for House of Prime Rib service…
Mark M.
Castro Valley-CA

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