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Bulletproof Your Backups

By Mike Cobb, Director of Engineering Backing up your hard drive is one of those tasks that rates somewhere between flossing your teeth and checking the air in your tires, it’s a necessity that can cause great regret if not done regularly. Backing up is the first rule of thumb for protecting all your important … Continue reading Bulletproof Your Backups

ASUSTOR Partners with DriveSavers to Provide Users with Data Recovery Service

ASUSTOR and DriveSavers announce data recovery partnership to provide ASUSTOR customers with professional data recovery solutions at a discounted rate, FREE shipping and FREE evaluations on all NAS devices. Taiwan, Taipei, 2017, July, 11– ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced a partnership with DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc., a leading data … Continue reading ASUSTOR Partners with DriveSavers to Provide Users with Data Recovery Service

Petya/ExPetr was Data Killer, Not Ransomware

By Michael Hall, Chief Information Security Officer The malware attack that started in Eastern Europe in late June and quickly spread around the globe looks like it was not a ransom attack at all, but an all-out effort to destroy data, according to a security company that examined the program’s code. At first, it looked … Continue reading Petya/ExPetr was Data Killer, Not Ransomware

How Waterproof is Your Phone?

By Will DeLisi, NAND Flash Recovery Specialist In short, it’s not. The market has become flooded (pun intended) with water resistant phones, but it is important to remember that water resistant is NOT the same as waterproof. Don’t get me wrong—water resistance is AWESOME, especially when it comes to that handheld computer in your pocket … Continue reading How Waterproof is Your Phone?

July 10–12: IPIC Booth #109

Las Vegas • July 10–12 • Booth #109 The annual International Print + Imaging Conference (IPIC) will be held July 10–12 at the M Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, NV. IPIC focuses on helping professional photographers to improve their skills and grow their businesses, and includes three days of training, networking and trade show … Continue reading July 10–12: IPIC Booth #109