Press Coverage: Geek Girlfriends—Gifts for a Geeky Guy

My man is a geek. So when the guys at Drivesavers – a company staffed with the sort of geek you usually only see called in on detective shows to find the clue stashed in a destroyed hard drive (because data recovery on damaged computers is their specialty) – sent me a list of gadgets they’d like to get for Valentine’s Day, I was intrigued.

My face turned a shade of Valentine’s Day red though when I realized my own wish list pretty much matched theirs- except for the stuff I already own. Well, I want Champagne and chocolate, too – I’m still a girl – and I have some much sexier cases picked out for my own gadgetry because I believe in the power of accessorizing. But, otherwise, this is spot on.

So here is an endorsed-by-geek-guy’s gift list. (Look for my picks for gadgets cases coming up soon.)

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