Solid-State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery


Since DriveSavers helped pioneer the data recovery industry in 1985, our engineers have been providing cutting edge solutions that allow them to successfully recover data from all types of failed data storage devices, including solid-state drives (SSDs).Current generation SSD controllers feature ever-evolving technologies like compression, de-duplication and high-level encryption protocols. They protect the security of stored data, and provide up to 100x greater data protection than leading enterprise hard disk drives (HDDs). These complex and highly proprietary features can create some data recovery challenges when an unexpected failure occurs.

SSD Encryption

Many SSDs are encrypted by default. Encryption is a trustworthy way to ensure data security, but it can also act as an obstacle to data recovery when the need arises.

Encryption is not a hindrance for our experts. DriveSavers engineers are trained and certified by leading encryption vendors to safely recover file- and hardware-level encrypted data from SSDs and other storage devices.

Close Affiliations with SSD Manufacturers

DriveSavers has developed strategic technical relationships with prominent SSD and component manufacturers such as SanDisk, SandForce, Kingston, OWC, OCZ and many others. As a result of these valuable partnerships, DriveSavers engineers have developed tools and technology that allow us to recover lost data from SSD and Flash devices.

While some data loss scenarios may be unrecoverable, DriveSavers has taken a leading edge in SSD recovery success rates, thanks to our close relationship with manufacturers and our continued investment in SSD data recovery research and development.

DriveSavers has successfully completed more data recoveries on SSD and NAND flash-based data storage devices than any other data recovery service provider in the industry. No other data recovery company can make this claim.

A Long History Of Expertise With Apple Products

DriveSavers data recovery engineers were the first to perform a successful SSD recovery on the iPhone in the first year it was introduced to market.

Today, Apple, Inc. continues to lead the global adoption of NAND flash devices and SSDs. With the proliferation of their new computers, smartphones and tablets into the business world, DriveSavers is well positioned to recover lost data from these ubiquitous storage devices.

Companies Around The World Trust DriveSavers

Clients such as Apple, Inc., Cisco Systems, Accenture, Bank of America, NASA Goddard Space Center, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Google, Wells Fargo, LucasFilm, Cardinal Health, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, FedEx, Siemens IT Solutions, Yahoo, Morgan Stanley and the Smithsonian Institution have all trusted DriveSavers with their critical data.

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Certified Secure SSD Data Recovery

DriveSavers is the only SSD data recovery service provider in the industry to post proof of annual, company-wide SOC 2 Type II audits. The privacy of your data will be protected during the SSD recovery process.

  • SOC 2 Type II Audits
    Verify our qualification to support customers who must comply with data privacy and data security regulations such as:

    • HIPAADriveSavers is fully HIPAA compliant
    • FERPA
    • SOX
    • GLBA
    • NIST 800.34 Rev. 1
  • High Security Service
    Meets U.S. Government Security Standards
  • Secure and Permanent Data Erasure on Request
    Meets HIPAA and GLB Act privacy requirements
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Proof of Credibility Report
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