Who Will You Trust With Your Data Recovery?

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In the virtual world of the web, other data recovery companies might appear to be just as qualified as DriveSavers. They claim to provide the same levels of experience, service and security. But, can they really support what they say?

To confidently select a reputable data recovery firm, ask for proof that they can meet and uphold the following industry standards:

Industry Standards for Professional Data Recovery Firms

  • The storage device manufacturer authorizes the data recovery firm to perform recovery on their device without voiding the original warranty.
  • Data recoveries are performed in a pristine Cleanroom environment that meets ISO standards to minimize contamination and maximize recovery results.
  • Your critical and proprietary data is safe from external breach while on the firm’s network during the data recovery process.
  • Accounting, auditing and information security professionals have verified that the facility’s information technology controls and processes are operating effectively and provide maximum data security.
  • Data recovery engineers are certified to properly and safely recover encrypted files and drives.
  • A firm, written quote is always provided before data recovery work begins. The quote should include fees for the specified turnaround time as well as all other anticipated costs, such as parts and parts sourcing, lab fees, labor and Cleanroom fees.

Proof of DriveSavers Credibility

The Bottom Line:  If they can’t prove it, you may lose it!

Is your data important to you? Don’t be a victim of low prices and false promises.

Before choosing a data recovery service, demand proof of their technology, security and experience. If they can’t prove it, you may lose it—forever!

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